Kendall Creative provided Digital Realty Trust (DLR) with an entirely new and novel way to differentiate themselves from their competition in dealing with such technical problems as overheating, insufficient cooling and space issues with their datacenters. Kendall strategically targeted CIO, CTO and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies with a humorous interpretation of potential datacenter issues. The end result was comic book villains that represented said issues within an integrated brand campaign that touched every point of contact for existing and potential clients worldwide. Each comic book villain represented a specific issue non-DLR clients deal with; overheating was represented by a Hot Head villain that torched all precious technical infrastructures, insufficient power was represented via an electrical Power Zapper, and space issues with a Space Monster. Each villain was represented as posing major catastrophic failures if overlooked when building and maintaining a datacenter. The overall impact of the integrated brand campaign was worldwide brand awareness and leads that closed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Key personnel working on this account include: Mark Platt, Benji Vega, Tim Childress and Ben Dolezal. Kendall Creative is a brand design firm based in Dallas, Texas.