The Dallas Morning News recently praised Turner Courts Recreation Center for being a bright spot in the Bonton area of South Dallas. We are pleased to know that the message of hope we helped create for Turner Courts has inspired residents in nearby areas to take pride in their community.

Turner Courts Recreation Center
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On March 9, 2012, staff writer Diane Jennings wrote:

“In the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton, trash piles up along fences, stray dogs roam the streets and clumps of men loiter outside the liquor store.

Then there are the bright spots: the pristine Turner Courts Recreation Center, dozens of nicely kept Habitat for Humanity homes — and the determination of residents like Clifton Reese and Velma Mitchell.

Reese and Mitchell are founding members of the fledgling Bonton Neighborhood Association and unlikely allies in the battle against the neglect and indifference that pervade the community. He’s a reformed drug dealer, and she’s the mother of a son killed in a drive-by shooting. But both share a passion for Bonton.” Click here to continue reading


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