As a part of the ownership group, Kendall Creative took the charge of creating a new brand from the ground up. From defining the vision, positioning and crafting the message, Kendall set the foundation for the Beardski brand. Beardski is an off-center, novelty apparel company focused on creating wearables that empower the user. The sole purpose of Beardski is to ignite the inner adventurer trapped in each living person. The brand identity, imagery, packaging, online advertising, website, sales materials, trade show presence and social media was all developed by Kendall to convey the core message and elicit a response both from the customer and retailer. The rollout strategy included a soft launch in the middle of the North American ski season to expose the brand to early adopters. Before the first shipment of product had arrived, Beardski had sold the entire first order and placed a second, larger order to quell the demand. Retailers and distributers from around the globe clamored for product. The third order arrived just in time for retailers Down Under to get product for their season. As the demand builds, Kendall is continuing to create new products for the Beardski line and materials to help promote and sell this exploding brand to the masses.